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The Mesa Verde Foundation strives to provide exciting and educational experience through our tours and events. Tours provide those seeking deeper experiences at Mesa Verde National Park and the greater Ancestral Puebloan region with in-depth experiences. Our events provide ways for people to engage further with the Foundation in communities throughout the Four Corners region.

"Conversations from the Mesa" Webinar Series

“How Park Archaeologists Assess and Treat Fire-Affected

Cultural Resources in Mesa Verde National Park

Presenter: Christine McAllister, Mesa Verde National Park Archaeologist

Moderator: Monica Buckle (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma), Mesa Verde Foundation Board Member

Wednesday, July 14th at 4:00pm MDT

Please join us for our next Webinar featuring Mesa Verde National Park Archaeologist Christine McAllister. McAllister will discuss the large fires that have consumed approximately half of the Park’s acreage over the past 25 years and the Cultural Resources staff response during and after the fires to protect the Park’s many pre-historic and historic resources. As summer temperatures soar, drought conditions persist, outdoor recreation increases, and fire becomes a serious concern.

During fire incidents in the Park, one or more Resource Advisors (READs) and/or Fire Archeologists are assigned to work with wildland fire crews to identify and protect the resources. After a fire, park archeologists conduct post-fire surveys, site assessments and treatments.

McAllister will explain how archeological sites are recorded and assessed for fire effects and suppression impacts after a fire, as well as what types of treatments are recommended and installed to mitigate that damage.

McAllister has been an archaeologist at Mesa Verde National Park since 1999. She has directed numerous archaeological surveys and documentation projects in the Park. She has over twenty-five years of field experience on both private and public land including survey, excavation, analysis, and cultural resource management. During her time at Mesa Verde, McAllister has conducted site condition assessment, architectural documentation, post-fire assessment and treatments, and Section 106 compliance survey and monitoring. Her early days at the Park were spent mainly in the backcountry and involved hiking and rappelling into numerous alcove sites to assess them for post-fire damage and update their documentation. She has also worked as a Fire Archeologist and Resource Advisor during wildland fires.

McAllister holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Marquette University. She has co-authored a number of professional reports and presentations on the archaeology and architecture of Mesa Verde. Since 2018, she has worked on the North Abydos excavations team in Egypt, co-directed by New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts and Princeton University.

The conversation will be moderated by Mesa Verde Foundation Board Member Monica Buckle (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma).

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“Conversations from the Mesa” Upcoming Webinars

August 11th – Christopher J. Lewis, Zuni Fiber Artist– “Zuni Weaving Technique Demonstration”

September 8th – Spencer Burk, Ranger – “MVNP Dark Sky Certification”

October 13th – Sheldon Baker, Archeologist – “Modern Mapping Applications for Cultural Resource Management”

November 10th – Nathan Brown, Biologist/Wildlife Program Lead – “Wildlife and Natural Resource Management”

December 8th – Andrew Spear, Bioscience Technician – “Water Ecology of Mesa Verde National Park and Yucca House”

Sign up links will be posted on the website and sent out via email typically two weeks before the webinar.

“Conversations from the Mesa” Past Webinars (Click on the links to see the full recording on YouTube!)

Preserving Mesa Verde Architecture: March’s Webinar with Stephen Matt, Mesa Verde National Park Archaeologist

Rare Plants and Wildflowers of Mesa Verde National Park: April’s Webinar with Tova Spector, MVNP’s Chief of Natural Resources

A Postcard Perspective on the History of Mesa VerdeMay’s Webinar with Dr. Andrew Gulliford, Professor of History and Environmental Studies at Fort Lewis College and Mesa Verde Foundation Board Member

To Polish or not to Polish?: June’s Webinar with Dr. Tara Travis, Supervisory Museum Curator, Mesa Verde National Park and Yucca House National Monument

2021 Fall Tour

October 8-11, 2021

Join leaders Dr. Andrew Gulliford, Professor of History and Environmental Studies at Fort Lewis College, and Christopher Lewis , expert basket weaver and artisan of the Zuni Pueblo, for a four-day tour of Mesa Verde National Park.

Mesa Verde, one of 12 original UNESCO World Heritage sites, is home to thousands of ancient artifacts of Ancestral Puebloan tribes. During these four days, you will visit several cliff dwellings, and learn the history of Ancestral Puebloans who lived at Mesa Verde. The event includes guided tours of some of Mesa Verde’s most iconic sites, lodging (based on double-occupancy), six meals, an exclusive reception at the Superintendent’s home in the Park, and a private viewing of items from the museum’s collection with Dr. Tara Travis.

The Mesa Verde Foundation is thrilled to offer this incredible behind-the-scenes, in-depth experience which includes:

  •  Guided hikes to Long House and Spring House.
  • A chance to experience the Park and its beauty with acclaimed author and historian of the American West, Dr. Andy Gulliford, and descendant of Ancestral Puebloan peo-ple, Christopher J. Lewis.
  • A wine and cheese reception with the MVNP Superintendent at the Superinten-dent’s historic residence, built in 1921 with commanding views of Spruce Tree House.
  • A private viewing of artifacts from the Park’s museum collections with Dr. Tara Travis.
  • A basket making demonstration with expert weaver Christopher Lewis.
  • Presentation and documentary viewing with Dr. Laurie Webster, Southwest Archaeologist and perishables expert.
  • Unlimited opportunities to ask questions and hear different perspectives.

$1,200 : Nonmember / $1,100: MVF Fellow
$65 per night single supplement
50% deposit required to register

To register and for more information, contact Mesa Verde Foundation at 303-321-3120 or

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