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The Mesa Verde Foundation strives to provide exciting and educational experience through our tours and events. Tours provide those seeking deeper experiences at Mesa Verde National Park and the greater Ancestral Puebloan region with in-depth experiences. Our events provide ways for people to engage further with the Foundation in communities throughout the Four Corners region.

Mesa Verde Foundation Repatriation Update Webinar

As you may know, the remains of 20 Ancestral Puebloans and 28 funerary objects were reinterred at an undisclosed location in Mesa Verde National Park on September 12th. These items were part of the excavation, removal, and exportation to Sweden undertaken in 1891 by the explorer and scientist, Gustav Nordenskiold.

We are excited to share a recent webinar with you all to learn more about the repatriation. The webinar is a conversation between Troy Eid, Vice Chairman of the Mesa Verde Foundation and Cliff Spencer, Superintendent of Mesa Verde National Park.

We would like to thank them both for their participation and also thank the team at Greenberg Traurig, LLC for making this webinar possible.

Access the Mesa Verde Foundation Repatriation Update Webinar by clicking HERE.


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