Supporting Mesa Verde National Park
License Plate Donation


Develop Virtual Tours of Several Cliff Dwellings

Virtual tours would provide alternate interpretive experiences for visitors with mobility challenges or those unable to tour the sites in person. • Spruce Tree House Virtual Tour – $27,432 Funding needed to finish 3D documentation of the site. Cost includes project management, travel, and the onsite documentation. • Cliff Palace Virtual Tour – $300,000 Donated funds needed to begin and complete 3D photo documentation of Cliff Palace. Funding would cover extensive fieldwork for documentation, plus the technical work to create the virtual tour from the imagery collected. • Balcony House – $10,000 Funding requested to create a virtual experience with a park ranger and tribal community member in Balcony House using virtual reality technology.

Funding Need: $10,000 - $300,000

Engage Graduate Students in Exhibit Development Process

Funds would be used for internships related to the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum exhibit project. Interns would have the opportunity to develop skills in evaluation, tribal community collaboration, and the exhibit design process.

Funding Need: $25,000

Ancestral Public Lands Internship

$14,000 Internships (3-6 months) help to connect descendant communities to the park while training youth for careers in Natural Resources.

Funding Need: $14,000 for 3-6 months

Transportation Grants for Schools

Many schools in the Four Corners Region struggle with a lack of funding for transportation. Transportation grants for schools would provide necessary funds to allow K-12 students to visit and learn about Mesa Verde National Park.

Funding Need: $20,000

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