Supporting Mesa Verde National Park
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Conserve the Dioramas in the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum

Mesa Verde Diorama

Following treatment in 2011, it was determined that some of the diorama figurines are made of materials that require yearly conservation in order to ensure their longevity. This project will fund an NPS conservator and the supplies to clean the figurines for one year.

Funding Need: $2,500 per year

Create a Virtual Exhibit of Mesa Verde's Museum Collection

Mesa Verde virtual exhibit

This project can be broken out into distinct funding components including the object photography, text development, and digital design and formatting. The virtual exhibit will be hosted at the National Park Service Museum web page – go to to view existing examples.

Funding Need: $21,000 - $63,000

Conserve Ute Ethnographic Objects in Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum

This project will fund the conservation of 23 Ute ethnographic objects (including beaded moccasins, wooden flutes, and a feather headdress) removed from the museum exhibits in 2016 due to light damage. Mounts will be made so that selected objects can be exhibited in the future.

Funding Need: $20,000

Digitize Historic Photo Collections

Mesa Verde historic photo

The park has a wealth of historic images that could be digitized for greater accessibility by the American public. The photos include early views of the cliff dwellings, historic structures, roads and other cultural landscape features.

Funding Need: $30,000

Conserve Chaco and Mesa Verde Prehistoric Vessels

Mesa Verde National Park has a number of fragile prehistoric ceramics that have glues that are failing. This project will remove and replace the failing glues so the objects can be preserved and exhibited in the future.

Funding Need: $1,700 per object

Process the park's archival records related to Tribal Consultations

Mesa Verde National Park has a wealth of unprocessed records related to tribal consultations and NAGPRA activities. This project would fund two archival interns to process this collection as the first step in getting these records cataloged.

Funding Need: $18,000

Research Grants

Every year, researchers work at Mesa Verde National Park to continue analyzing, investigating and discovering the cultural resources at the park. The park is seeking funding to support projects that have been identified as high priority.

Funding Need: $15,000

Research Impacts of Fire Suppressants on Cultural Sites

Putting out a fire

Mesa Verde National Park faces the threat of wildfires every year and works to be prepared to fight fires to protect the park’s natural and cultural resources. Fire suppressants are regularly used to fight wildfires but there is growing concern that these chemicals may negatively impact the park’s cultural resources. The park is seeking funding to provide training and research on the impacts of fire suppressants on cultural resources to create best practices for their use and removal.

Funding Need: $158,000

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