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Why Give

A Priceless Treasure

In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt established Mesa Verde as a national park to “preserve the works of man.” Since then, nearly 400 National Parks have been established in the United States.

Within Mesa Verde National Park, visitors will find the largest archeological preserve of cliff dwellings, kivas and dance plazas in the United States. These sites were inhabited by the Ancestral Puebloan tribes for over 700 years. The national park designation of Mesa Verde protects nearly 5,000 archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings and thousands of priceless artifacts.

Mesa Verde Needs Our Help

For the past several years, Congress has cut budgets for our national parks, including Mesa Verde, down to the bare bones. Most of the federal funds are used for day-to-day maintenance and operation of structures, buildings and roads. There’s not much left over for preserving the very things that make Mesa Verde special.

Because the federal government cannot completely fund our national parks, additional financial assistance is essential to maintain and improve Mesa Verde National Park for future generations.

That’s where you, our supporters, come in. Your dollars help the park provide the little bit extra that will:
  • enhance visitor enjoyment of the sites
  • help the park build trails
  • put in wayside exhibits that explain the significance of the trail
  • restore and repair Cliff Palace and other sites
  • create a Native American internship program to encourage service in the park system
  • create a new interpretive film that shows the wonders of Mesa Verde

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