Ways To Support

Ways To Support

Support Mesa Verda Foundation

You can help us provide a wide range of solutions for the needs faced by Mesa Verde National Park. From funding the preservation of Cliff Palace to helping champion educational efforts for associated tribe members, your support makes a difference.

Your donations go to services and support such as:
  • Preserving cliff dwellings and other archeological sites
  • Enhancing the visitor experience at the new Visitor and Research Center
  • Providing much-needed horse patrol programs for the expanded backcountry trails of the mesa
  • Protecting the thousands of artifacts unique to Mesa Verde
  • Installing wayside exhibits that explain the significance of specific trails or landmarks
  • Promoting involvement and education through internship programs for tribe members

When it comes to supporting our mission, there's something for everyone. A few ways that you can lend your support to Mesa Verde Foundation are to:
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“When you come here, you can actually see how the ancestral Puebloans lived. . .how they functioned, how they grew their crops, how they raised their children and hunted. We can educate people. . .and that’s an important thing. But we need the funds to keep going.” 

-Dr. Fred Lau, Retired MVF board member