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A Lot in a Little Time

How many articles have been written to describe the role of an effective board member?

The answer? Countless. How many speeches have been delivered on the topic of what an exemplary board member does? The answer: Again, numerous.

Oddly enough, the answer is really quite simple and can be found in the person of William Sagstetter who became a member of the Mesa Verde Foundation board in 2015 and sadly died unexpectedly in April of this year.

Bill stands as someone who, in the few short months he was a member of our board, made significant strides in promoting the message and the mission of the foundation and Mesa Verde National Park.

How did he do this?First of all, in his heart he sincerely was in love with the park and all that it represents. His passion for the place was contagious.

Second, he knew and appreciated the importance of human communication when it came to engaging others about Mesa Verde. He did it the old fashion way with a personal phone call. And he got results.

Third, he wasn't bashful. He got out there and sang loudly about why it is important to preserve this park and, basically, to give money to the foundation so that we can in turn ensure the future of Mesa Verde National Park.

Because of his untimely death, Bill was not able to realize all of his ideas and goals, but what he did accomplish in those few, short months should inspire the rest of us as we continue the work of the foundation board.

If Bill could do so much in so little time, then each of us should be able to do the same-or more. We are the ones who carry the flag for the foundation and the park. We are the ones who need to spread the word.

Bill's wife, Beth, was his partner, something the told me time and time again. I have no doubt that she will pick up where he left off and continue Bill's good work.
As we continue to carry out our board responsibilities, let us remember Bill's energy, excitement, and award-winning smile.

Judy Grant,
Mesa Verde Foundation Chairman

Judy Grant