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Our Role in Preserving a Cultural Treasure

Because the federal government cannot completely fund our national parks, additional financial assistance is essential to maintain and improve parks for present and future generations.

It is common throughout the National Park Service (NPS) for private and public sectors to collaborate on significant projects—at Mesa Verde, the need to preserve the park’s unique cultural heritage is of the utmost importance. At Mesa Verde Foundation, we work with the National Park Service, donors and our Fellows members to provide that additional support.


MVF_Preservation_THUMB-(2).pngPart of what makes Mesa Verde so unique are the thousands of artifacts and hundreds of archeological sites that provide a window into the lives of the Ancestral Puebloan tribes who dwelled there for several centuries. As part of our mission to ensure the future of the park for coming generations, a large portion of the funds we raise go toward preserving and protecting these invaluable cultural treasures. 
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MVF_Education_THUMB-(2).pngMesa Verde has 24 affiliated tribes with descendants of the Ancestral Puebloans that occupied Mesa Verde for hundreds of years. Mesa Verde Foundation aims to highlight the relationship between the park and affiliated tribes by supporting an educational internship program for tribal members. Through this program, tribal members will learn and utilize valuable work skills that they will be able to take back to their homes and reservations. Additionally, they will reconnect with the history of Mesa Verde while providing valuable services to keep the park grounds protected and beautiful.
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WVF_Recreation_THUMB-(2).pngMesa Verde Park covers 52,000 acres and is home to over 4,000 archeological sites. It’s essential that funding keep pace with increases in visitor traffic to allow adventurous tourists to explore more of the backcountry while ensuring visitor safety and resource protection. Two of our projects—the renovation of the B-Cut Trail and reestablishment of a horse patrol program—aim to enhance the recreational value of the park while allowing volunteers and staff members to give greater protection to the important resources within the park. 
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Cultural Heritage

MVF_CulturalHert_THUMB-(2).pngThe rich cultural heritage of Mesa Verde National Park helps make it such a unique place. Ancient structures and artifacts from times long-gone and present-day tribal traditions give visitors a glimpse into the lives of Ancestral Puebloans who dwelled there for hundreds of years. It is important to preserve these cultural artifacts and traditions, to ensure that the cultural history of Mesa Verde’s associated tribes continues to thrive in the future. 
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Visitor Experience

One of the largest and most important projects Mesa Verde Foundation has taken on has been assistance with the planning, designing, and funding of a brand new Visitor and Research Center, which replaces the old visitor center located 15 winding miles away from the park’s main highway entrance. This new center is vital to enhancing the visitor experience and provides tourists with important information to help them plan their visit. It will also house artifacts previously stored in an older tin shed that is inaccessible to the public. 
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Visitor Stories

We want to learn why visitor's experiences with the park are so special. Is it the stunning beauty? Because it is the only cultural park in the national park system dedicated to the works of man, and one of the twelve original UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Maybe visitors wanted to experience ancient history by walking and climbing among the cliff dwellings as thousands of Ancestral Puebloans had before them? Here visitors share their stories about favorite memories of their time at Mesa Verde National Park. Learn more.
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