About Us // Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Mesa Verde Foundation promotes understanding and appreciation of Mesa Verde National Park and develops financial and other resources to support the park in its mission of protecting its cultural, natural, aesthetic, and wilderness values.
We do our part by helping to secure funds for capital improvements, projects and educational endeavors that aim to preserve and improve every aspect of Mesa Verde’s history. 

Our Goals

Beyond the preservation and protection of Mesa Verde, we aim to help fund projects and programs that will enhance the natural and cultural landscapes of the park
Our goals are:
  • to champion educational programs for visitors and members of associated tribes
  • to preserve the delicate remains of the Cliff Palace
  • to improve the ways in which visitors interact with the park and the experiences they receive as a result
  • to fund projects that will make it easier for horse patrols to keep the park safe and clean
  • to keep the extraordinary library of artifacts from the Ancestral Puebloan tribes safe