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Major Accomplishments

As the main philanthropic partner for Mesa Verde National Park, we take pride in accomplishing the initiatives we set forward to preserve and protect this ancient treasure. With the help of our generous donors and Fellows members, many of these projects have successfully gone from the drawing board to reality. We are always excited about what the future holds for our foundation and Mesa Verde National Park. 

The Visitor and Research Center

Since 1999, Mesa Verde Foundation's raison d'etre has been to facilitate the long-held dream for the park of constructing a new Visitor and Research Center near the park's entrance. 
The new Visitor and Research Center will be visible from the main highway, and will replace the old park headquarters, located 15 winding miles away from the park entrance off Highway 160. 
In this new facility, park staff and volunteers will be able to:
  • welcome visitors
  • educate them about Mesa Verde
  • help them prepare for their visit by providing information about available tours
  • provide information about weather conditions in the park
Benefits of the new Visitor and Research Center:
  • It is an appropriately located visitor center designed to accommodate present and future visitor volume
  • It features a state-of-the-art facility for Mesa Verde's priceless archeological collection
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