About Us


Who We Are

Mesa Verde Foundation is made up of a team of staff and board members whose main goals are to preserve, protect and enhance the rich natural and cultural heritage of Mesa Verde National Park. 
As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we rely heavily upon the support and generosity of our donors and Fellows members to turn these preservation efforts into a reality. 

What We Do

Mesa Verde Foundation acts as the main philanthropic partner for Mesa Verde National Park, which is located in Montezuma County, Colorado, near the southwestern corner of the state. Because only a small portion of entrance fees paid to the park actually go toward the preservation of Mesa Verde, extra funding is necessary to keep this ancient treasure intact for future generations.  
Mesa Verde Foundation exists to fund capital improvements, projects and educational endeavors for Mesa Verde National Park in order to promote an understanding of its cultural and natural resources. 
We do this through:
  • fundraising efforts,
  • special events that benefit the park, and
  • continued support from our donors and Fellows members.

Why We Do It

Mesa Verde, Spanish for "green table," is the original home of the Ancestral Puebloan tribes and boasts over 600 cliff dwellings and thousands of rare artifacts that give visitors a glimpse into the history of an ancient people. The park was established in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt, and was designated as one of the 12 original UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1978 for its rich cultural and natural history. 
We believe that it’s essential to our collective cultural heritage to maintain the beauty of this ancient treasure, so we continuously aim to fund projects, capital improvements and educational efforts that will preserve the legacy of Mesa Verde National Park. 
MVF Success Story


The new Visitor and Research Center is visible from the main highway, replacing the old park headquarters located 15 winding miles up the mesa off of Highway 160. 
In this new facility, park staff and volunteers will be able to welcome visitors, educate them about Mesa Verde, and help them prepare for their visit by providing information on available tours and weather conditions in the park.